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The Master Suite - Where is that door?!

May 5, 2023
Inspiration for a contemporary bedroom remodel in Denver

There are two spaces in a home that should be given greater attention than any other. One is the kitchen, the other is the Master Bedroom. This series of blogs is focused on the latter. No longer is the master bedroom simply a bedroom any more. The modern home has evolved in many ways and the master bedroom is probably the most dramatic of all. This is a place of retreat and repose for most homeowners.

It is a place to get away from the rigors of life, relax and let the cares of the world fall off at the door. In fact, the master bedroom has donned a new name – the Master Suite. Luxury and pampering are almost essential in most Master Suite layouts. The master bath has developed a spa-like atmosphere. Some even boast hearth rooms and water features. Follow this series of blogs to find out what changes have developed to create a luxurious Master Suite!

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It is a key principle in building design that the entrance should be obvious. You should not have to guess where to enter the building. The same is true for the Master Suite – although it is more to mark a territory than an invitation. This can be done with simple or complex means. Providing a recessed door with an overlaid arch marks significance and importance and works well if you don’t have a lot of extra space.

But if you do have some extra space then the possibilities are endless. You can create a gallery space to transition to the Master Suite. A vestibule with art niches and columns marks an unmistakable barrier and creates interest and a sense of anticipation. If greater seclusion is desired, and you have more space to work with, providing a separate staircase to the Master Suite opens more possibilities of landings for meditation and reflection. This is a space you will use every day so make it interesting but also obvious to others that it is a personal place and only you are allowed into your own private oasis!

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