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Felmlee Residence
Addition / Remodel
Our house had the challenge of adapting our two bedroom one bath ranch home into a home that would fulfill the needs of our family of six. Extensive plans were created to accomodate our increasing needs. Many of the spaces were too small and too few. With a detached garage, the prospect of connecting the house to the garage was made by adding a living room between them. An entrance courtyard was created by adding two large stone columns supporting a decorative beam. The new living room allowed the existing living room to become the entertainment room with a staged wall to accomodate the flat panel TV. A second floor was added for the children's retreat. Three bedrooms and a split bath were provided to function smoothly as the children would grow into the active lives of teenagers. A loft was provided to give a hang out away from the "annoying parents" as I am sure we will one day become. The existing two bedrooms and bath were transformed into a comfortable and spacious master suite with a five fixture bath and separate water closet. The space also allowed an additional half bath for guests. The master closet is provided with a linen cabinet which hides the laundry chute from above and gives a convenient place for access from the expanded laundry room. A large pantry was added for use from the expanded kitchen. The dining room was also expanded with a door leading to a quaint private courtyard.
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