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Lewis Residence
Addition / Remodel
The Lewis's were eager to make a more comfortable master suite with a five fixture bath. The existing master bedroom and bath were at at the side of the house so we were able to expand by removing the roof over the living room and garage. The new 400 square foot master bedroom was placed over the living room and extended over the garage. A diagonal three-quarter height wall with columns at each end was provided separating the sitting room with a corner fireplace from the rest of the room creating a unique master retreat. The existing bedroom was transformed into the lavish walk-in closet and the existing closet and bath were combined to create a spacious bath with a decorative window over the tub filling the room natural light. A gallery was provided giving access to the new suite from the hall. This addition was further enhanced by adding a front entry colonnade and other decorative features setting the house apart from all others in the neighborhood.
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